Jumbo Programs*

If you are looking to buy a home that exceeds conforming loan limits in your area, you may need a Jumbo loan. We offer nearly a dozen Jumbo investor loan programs to choose from. With our in-house delegated underwriting we can make sure your deal closes fast!

  • In-House Delegation to $2M
  • 85% LTV to $3M
  • 90% LTV up to $1.5M-No MI
  • 80% LTV to $2M-Non-Warrantable Condos Available
  • 2nd homes up to 80% LTV
  • 5/5 and 15/15 ARM loan terms available
  • Foreign National Options available
  • ARM Interest Only Available
  • Up to 50% DTI and 55% with an exception for well qualified borrowers
  • FICOs as low as 620
  • Down payment gift funds available (after borrower minimum contribution)
  • Owner occupied cash out up to $400K up to 80% LTV

Jumbo Solutions*

The Jumbo Solutions loan program is a “sister” program to our High Balance Solutions program. The Jumbo Solutions program can be used if you are looking to finance a home that exceeds conforming high balance loan limits.

Similarly, you can split the loan amount between a first and second mortgage. This may result in lower monthly payments due to potentially lower rates available through high balance conforming mortgage products.

Contact Cindy to find out how you can qualifiy. 
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