After the devastating 2018 Fire Season,
let's work together to be better prepared in the future.

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Are you Ready? shows zones that should be cleared for fire preparedness


What is Defensible Space?

What are Ladder Fuels?

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What is a "Hardened Home"?

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Preparing for Wildfire Season should be happening all year long.

If you can't take action yourself, there are a number of contractors or landscapers that can be hired to do the job for you for a fee.

If you plan on doing the work yourself, follow the Zone rules and see the guides below to answer any questions you may have.

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What do I do with the debris?

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Smaller piles can be added to green waste bins and picked up as part of your regular waste pickup.

See Green waste rules here ➠

Truck loads can be brought to City of Redding:

Transfer Station & Recycling Facility: Monday-Saturday 8am-4:30pm

West Central Landfill : Monday-Friday 7:30a-4:30a, Saturday 8am-4pm

Wheelabrator, Shasta: Monday - Saturday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Closed Sunday. 20811 Industry Rd. Anderson, CA 96007

Delivery days and hours are subject to change. Hours will be posted at delivery gate and available by calling 530.339.7600.

For information about the Wood to Energy Recycling Program,

choose option 2.

For more info visit Solid Waste Dept here ➠

Or make burn piles away from other trees and shrubs, allowing material to dry. Wait until winter 2019 to burn and dispose of dead material.

Get your burn permit here➠

What happens if I don't clear it?

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By law you are required to keep 100 feet of defensible space around your home.
Outside of 100 feet, you are still responsible for maintaining your property and preparing it for fire season.
Even if the green space is beyond your fence line, if it's on your property, it is your responsibility to clear and maintain.
If you do not maintain this space the Redding Fire Department can issue a citation.

Keeping defensible space around your home means protection for you AND your neighbors.
Don't wait until it's too late.

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City of Redding Fire Department, Public Works Department, and Parks Department
have been working tirelessly to clean up City owned parks, trails, open spaces, and streets.
Between the Carr Fire last summer and the snowstorm in February, truckloads of debris have been cleared, burned or chipped.
However, there is much more work still to be done.
In response, Redding Electric Utility (REU) as directed by the City Council will be funding 20+ new positions in the Fire and Parks Department.
All of whom will be engaged in fire prevention efforts.

Phase 1 Wildfire Prevention Mitigation Area

Redding Fire Department Badge
REU: Redding Electric Utility Logo: powering a strong community
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1. How do I find out what space is my responsibility to clear?

Check the map Here

Type in your address and check your property lines. If you see green on your property, that is green/open space that is your responsibility to clear/maintain.

2. Can I cut down trees on my open space?

No, we do not want trees cut down on open spaces. However, the thinning of branches, removal of underbrush or “ladder fuels” and long grasses trimmed to max height of 4” can go a long way to creating defensible space. If there are already downed trees on your property, these are your responsibility to remove and discard.

3. Who do I call if I don't want to do this myself?

There are a number of contractors and landscapers who are willing to do this work for a fee. The City does not endorse or certify anyone specifically. Do your homework and find the contractor or landscaper that can help do the kind of work needed on your individual property.

4. Can I organize my neighborhood to do this together?

Yes! Planning a neighborhood wide clean-up would be a great way to split costs and labor associated with privately held open space clean up. The City encourages everyone with open spaces to talk to your neighbors and work together. If you would like any guidance on large scale clean up projects, contact the Redding Fire Department for help.


CalFire is one of the best resources when it comes to knowing how, when, and where to prep for Fire Season. See the links below for more information.

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